Twiggy Tags Compostable Poo Bags

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Twiggy Tags Compostable Poo Bags are made with sustainable, plant-based materials that are designed to break down in a home composting system faster than traditional plastic bags. The bag is split-proof, leak-proof and non-sticky, making it an effective and sustainable solution for pet waste disposal.

Every dog owner needs these in every coat pocket and/or handbag!  The most essential products for every adventure.

These unscented Twiggy Tags poo bags come in their signature bright teal colour, and are extra large making them suitable for all breeds.  The cardboard box and cores are fully recyclable.

These can be disposed of in any compost environment where pet waste is accepted or disposed of as usual.

  • Tie-Handles for ease
  • 100 % Plant based
  • Home compostable certified

Available in a box of 36 rolls this option saves a little on money, packaging and the constant need to re-stock.  Also a preferred option for dog walkers, doggy daycares and households fortunate enough to have multiple dogs.

 Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of pets and children.