Twiggy Tags Adventure Collar

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Twiggy Tags innovative padded and weatherproof adventure collars are perfect for everyday wear - no matter how exciting your adventures.  Their sizing covers the tiniest to the largest necks so there is a collar for dogs of all ages and breeds.

The comfortable padding is made from a quick-drying light mesh.  Big swims are not a problem!

Every collar has a reflective strip to aid visibility in low light, and a unique fail-safe O-ring for added security.  Dog safety is at the forefront of Twiggy Tags' designs.  All Twiggy Tags dog wear is strength-tested and the collars are no exception. 

A small plastic D-ring has been added specifically to hang a name tag from.

The matching dog lead, harness, poo bag holders and seatbelts are available to buy separately.


1. The smell of the Earth after rain; "petrichor fills the air after the storm subsides"

Size guide:

Measurements state the minimum and maximum a buckle collar can be adjusted to. To ensure a comfortable fit please allow an additional 2-3cm (approx. two-finger) width room.

The webbing on the collar is a fixed width and made from a strong and sturdy fabric. The mesh is very lightweight, pliable and bendable and will not dig into your dog's neck if they like to pull, or keep their heads close to the ground.

1 23cm - 33cm
9" - 13"
WEBBING - 15mm | 5/8"
MESH - 25mm | 1"
2 30.5cm - 43cm
12" - 17"
WEBBING - 20mm | 3/4"
MESH - 30mm | 11/8"
3 38cm - 48cm
15" - 19"
WEBBING - 25mm | 1"
MESH - 35mm | 1 3/8"
4 48cm - 66cm
19" - 26"
WEBBING - 30mm | 1 2/8"
MESH - 40mm | 1 1/2"