Rosewood Tick Remover

Rosewood Tick Remover

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Be prepared with this Rosewood Tick Remover for quick, easy and effective removal of ticks.

Ticks are found all over the UK but more prevalent in Spring and Autumn.  They attach to the skin of animals or humans that brush past them. Ticks bite into the skin and feed on blood for a few days before falling off.  It's important to check and safely remove them as soon as possible because they are good at passing on infections from one animal to another.

1) Position the picker over the tick with the tick in the largest section near the handle. 

2) Lift the handle so that the narrow nose of the picker is on the flat of the skin.

3) Draw the picker slowly and firmly towards the tick so that it is gripped securely and can be carefully lifted away from the skin and disposed of.

Dimensions: 9.5cm x 2cm x 1cm