Cloud7 Tiergarten Dog Collar

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The handcrafted Cloud7 Tiergarten dog collar is made of high-quality nubuck leather. It has a soft, velvety character.

With brass metal and a Cloud7 brand engraving, the collar looks particularly noble and beautiful.  This is a classic piece that will never date, and always be admired.  Pair with the Tiergarten Dog Lead and you can't go wrong. 

Please see the below link to a video guide 'How to Care for your leather products'

All sizes in cm.

* Measure at the point where the collar is worn at the circumference of the neck.
XS 22 - 27 1,5
S 26 - 32 1,5
M 32 - 38 2,0
L 37 - 45 2,5
XL 43 - 51 3,0