Cloud7 Coco Dog Collar

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Say hello to the versatile, attractive, practical, and animal friendly Cloud7 Coco Dog Collar.  Simply beautiful in its colouring it is made from firm webbing with a contrasting decorative ribbon.  The silver metal makes this dog collar look classy and fashionable.  Despite being light in weight, this collar is strong and durable.  The bonus.. it's machine washable!  

Each dog collar is adjustable in length and comes in three variety of widths.

The matching Cloud7 Coco Dog Lead is also available for the perfect set!

All sizes in cm.

* Measure at the point where the collar is worn at the circumference of the neck.
S 22 - 40 2.5
M 34 - 54 2.5
L 48 - 60 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5