Kentucky Dogwear Granite Dog Bowl

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One of our favourite dog bowls.  The Kentucky Dogwear Granite bowl's natural stone is gorgeous.  A minimalist design that will perfectly match any interior and also adapt to the outdoors.

These dog bowls can be used for food or water but will help keep water cool.  The granite bowl is very heavy and will stay in place during mealtime helping to avoid spillages for those that get excited when eating!

The bowl is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and helps prevent the build up of bacteria.

- Natural stone
- Weighty making it difficult to push during a meal
- Keeps water cool
- Minimalist look and shape

Small Bowl:
Circumference 17cm
Depth 8cm

Large Bowl:
Weight: 4.5 kg
Capacity: 2 L
Circumference 21cm
Depth 9cm

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