Should I walk my dog every day?

We love our walks here at Leather Noses. It's the highlight of our day!  We believe it is important for a dog to get a walk every day.  How long that walk is for, and how many times a day is needed depends in large part on his breed.

Exercise is important for dogs and they love being outdoors.
Your dog will sniff around, see new things, meet new people, and run around for hours with a waggy tail and a toothy smile.  His daily walk is his primary source of exercise.  It creates more interaction between you both and provides opportunities to socialise with other dogs.

Sufficient levels of regular exercise keeps your dog at a healthy weight.  Overweight dogs are vulnerable to many diseases so keep him in good shape.  Be sure not to over-feed with treats that will undo all your good efforts.  Choose healthy, low fat treats that have health benefits. To Eat –

Most dog owners will say their dog must be walked in order to get physical exercise, but what cannot be forgotten is a dog also needs mental exercise as well. Going for a walk does fulfil some of both their physical and mental need for exercise and stimulation. But a walk still leaves part of those needs unfulfilled.

A dog who is bored every day may have destructive tendencies.  He may be anxious and bark, and sometimes be aggressive.  Don't overlook toys, training and even the occasional massage to keep your dogs happy and healthy.

We have lots of collars and leads at designed to make training and walking easier. To Walk –
We also offer toys, chews, pâtés and Kongs to stimulate them mentally and help keep them occupied. Take a look and have some fun! To Play –