Mendota Slip Dog Lead

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These soft and light lead and collars in one, adjust to any neck size.  Used by professional trainers and dog handlers this has been adapted for walking and training.

Comfortable and pliable this will fit into your coat pocket and is perfect for everyday use.

Brass hardware and oil tanned leather splices gives this a classy look.

These dog leads are hand made from durable long-lasting multi-filament polypropylene rope that is machine washable (40°C), air dry only.

Size guide:

Available in two widths 3/8 inch (approx. 1cm) or 1/2 inch (approx. 1.5cm).  The 3/8" ropes are designed for dogs under 15kg while the 1/2" rope is for all dogs 15kg and above.

Available in two lengths the shorter 4 foot lead gives you better control and is perfect for dogs who always pull or those who can be unpredictable.  The longer 6 foot lead offers plenty of control while also giving your dog room to roam.  Taller gentlemen and shorter dogs may benefit from the extra length but this may not provide enough control for very strong pullers or when in an urban environment near to traffic. 

The 6 foot lead can be turned into a figure of eight lead if desired.

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