LickiMat Splash Lick Mat

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This clever little slow-feeding bowl can stick to flat surfaces like windows, floors, and the shower to keep your pet happy and entertained.  Excellent grooming and bathing distractor.  For supervised use only. 

Licking releases endorphins.  Dogs lick to calm themselves when stressed.

How to use:
Spread your dog's favourite treat (e.g., cream cheese, doggy peanut butter, pure meat pate).  Cover the whole surface.  Push firmly onto any smooth surface at a comfortable height for your dog. Tip: for stringer suction hold, wet the area where the suction cap will stick with a little water.
To release: gently lift tags on the side of the suction cap.

Easy to clean after each use.  Handwash with warm soapy water or pop in the dishwasher.

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