Cloud7 Doggy-Do-Bag Canvas Basalt Poo Bag Holder

Cloud7 Doggy-Do-Bag Canvas Basalt Poo Bag Holder

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Every dog owner knows they need poo bags on hand all the time.  Keep yours in a poo-bag holder to avoid them unrolling and ensuring they are easy to find.

This stylish poo-bag holder is made of a sturdy canvas fabric that looks modern and high quality.  The colour will compliment any outfit, belt, lead or bag you may choose to attach it to.  It has a small snap hook, metal zip and two-coloured cotton ribbon.

This piece comes with a complimentary roll of compostable poo bags.

  • perfect for on the go
  • robust canvas
  • easily attached

90% cotton, 10% polyester


100% cotton


delicate wash 30 degree


10 x 5,5 x 2,5 cm (L x W x D)