Be:Loved Be:Clean Antibacterial cleansing pet shampoo bar 110g

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An all-natural, handmade product to keep your dog clean, protected and pampered.  

With a reassuring clean scent thanks to the natural blend of tea tree essence and green tea this shampoo bar will help keep your dog's coat free from lice and bacteria giving a glossy coat that you'll be happy to snuggle up to.  

Perfect for home use or travelling without the risk of leaks from a bottled shampoo.

DIRECTIONS: Rub into your pet’s coat to work up a lather and rinse as you would any other shampoo... this is just in a bar, not a plastic bottle.   

INGREDIENTS: Aloe, tea tree essence, green tea extract, follicle boosters & botanicals.  For a high gloss coat. 

110g bar should provide approximately 25-30 washes

Always tested on humans.  Free from Parabens, MIT and Plastic.