Alcott Adventure First Aid Kit

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Be prepared with this amazing pack of helpful medical supplies for both pets and people.  Whether it be minor injuries, cuts, bites and stings or stabilising your pet on the way to the vet, this portable kit is convenient to keep in the car or take with you in your backpack.


Kit contents:

1 instant cold compress

1 emergency blanket

5 plasters

1 pair of vinyl gloves (latex + powder free)

4 alcohol prep pads

2 sting relief pads

2 antiseptic wipes

1 rubber tourniquet

3 rolls of non-adhesive dressing

1 roll of tape

1 pair of scissors

2 non-woven wound pads 3" x 3"

10 cotton-tipped applicators

1 oral syringe

1 wood tongue compressor

1 CPR mask for people

1 bottle of hand sanitizer 2 oz.

1 bottle saline eye wash 0.5 oz.

1 bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide 3.4 oz.

1 styptic pencil

1 brush/comb

1 portable adventure bag


Dimensions:  travel bag 8" x 6"